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We are starting tommorow!

WPC World championship is starting tommorow! Today we had a long day, more than 120 athlete came to weigh-in for bench press raw competition! Pictures coming soon!

WPC WC 2011 - one day before start

We are ready ;)

WPC WC 2011 - day 1.

14.11.2011 Bench press RAW

WPC WC 2011 - day 2

Benchpress equiped 15.11.2011

WPC WC 2011 - day 3

Powerlifting raw, all women (42 - 90+kg); men (52 - 90kg). 16.11.2011

WPC WC 2011 - day 4

Men (100 - 140+kg) Powerlifting RAW. 17.11.2011

WPC WC 2011 - day 5

18.11.2011 - powerlifting equiped. Men 52 - 82.5kg, women 42 - 60kg.

WPC WC 2011 - day 6

Last day of WPC WC 2011. Men 90 - 140+kg, women 67,5 - 90+kg. 19.11.2011

WPC WC 2011 - Photos by Mark Kazus

Photos by Mark Kazus.


First medals are ready!

The first medals of WPC WC 2011 are ready! We are proud to present these medals, because they are not only good looking, but gilded as well!

WPC WC 2011 tickets now available!

Tickets to WPC WC 2011 in benchpress and powerlifting now available! To reserve tickets, visit Ticket price for one event day – 2Ls (~ 3EUR). You can buy ticket online or via sales places all over Latvia.


WPC 2011 World Powerlifting and Bench Press Championship will take place in Olympic Sports Centre in Riga, Latvia from 14th November to 19th November. Click to view detailed event info.

WC 2011 is coming!

Actual information!

Dear, participants!

Please make a room reservation in Islande hotel via this e-mail: . Click to find out more about Islande Hotel.

WPC WC 2011 event information