– The republic of Latvia has a Schengen State Law; members of other Schengen states can arrive to Latvia without visa.

Other members should consult and apply for a tourist visa at the Latvian embassy in their countries. In case of necessity, an official invitation to the competition is sent individually.

How to get visa to Latvia:

Step 1


The federation of your country sends us the list of athletes and the information required to get the visa.


  1. Name, surname of the athlete (precisely as written in the passport in English transcription).
  2. Serial number of the passport.
  3. The date of birth (date/month/year).
  4. The place of birth (full address).
  5. Place of residence of the athlete.


Step 2


Attach the information about the Embassy of Latvia where you will request the visa. The address and phone number of the embassy.


Step 3


When we will receive all the required data from You we will send You an official invitation to the competition.


Step 4


We will also send the invitation to the Embassy of Latvia in your country.


Step 5


You take the invitation to the consular division of the Embassy of Latvia where you hand it in together with documents required to get the visa.



  • The Latvian visa is free for athletes of the international competition.
  • We please the representatives of federations to clear the formalities concerning the visas in time to avoid complications.


For additional information please contact tomass@hello.lv or call +371 26430927

Find out more about visa in Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia