Welcome message from WPC President Mike Sweeney:

The World Powerlifting Congress and I would like to invite and welcome the sportsmen to the 2011 WPC World Championships in beautiful Riga, Latvia. The Championship Director, Ravio Caps and his staff, have been instructed to engineer and design the most exciting venue in the history of Powerlifting. The city of Riga was selected for location, easy travel, beauty, and fun! As President-Elect I have visited here and enjoyed every minute. The food and hotels are 5 stars and the people are very, very friendly and easy to talk with.

The 2011 WPC World Championship is the 30 year anniversary of the WPC. We are here for the sportman and I look forward to meeting you in Riga! Thank You,Mike Sweeney.



Welcome message from Raivo Chiapas, “WPC – WPO Latvia” president:

We have been working hard for already five years and now finally we have a chance to welcome WPC powerlifters from all around the world in Latvia.

WPC 2011 World Powerlifting and Bench Press Championship will take place in Olympic Sports Centre in the capital of Latvia, Riga, from 14th November to 19th November.

The whole WPC World Championship organizing team is working to make the experience

from the tournament in Latvia unforgettable. We will try to organize this championship at the highest level according to all international rules and regulations. Not only will this tournament be the feast for athletes but also to all the fans and supporters worldwide.

All the powerlifters of the world are invited to make the fantastic competition for the medals!



Championship Director:

Name: Raivo Chiapas
Born 09/09/1973
City: Dobele
Business: Security company manager
Sports: Sports master weightlifting, Powerlifting Sports master, a member of the Latvian championship strongmen, kick – boxing instructor.
Hobby: Fishing.

Deputy Director:

Name: Andris Benjamins

Born:    September 12, 1985
City:              Riga
Business:      Timber Exports to the euro countries, pallet manufacturing
Training:        Riga International School of Economics and Business Administration
Hobby:          Weightlifting, Boxing, Motoring, Motor Sport, Fishing

Technical Director:

Name: Maija Horste

Born: 09/10/1985
City: Dobele
Business: New mommy
Sports: Latvian powerlifting champion, a member of the Latvian championship kick – boxing.
Hobbies: crafts, reading

Assistant Director:

Name: Mārtiņš Enoks

Born: 02/11/1982
City: Dobele
Business: trucks-operating tractors, cobble-laying specialist
Sports: Powerlifting
Hobbies: Fishing


Name: Jeļena Kapitanova

Born: 12/23/1976
City: Dobele
Business: Economist – engineer, advertising specialist, a security manager.
Sports: Powerlifting
Hobbies: Floristic





Name: Olga Beļinova
Born: 04/12/1978
City: Rīga
Business: Economist
Sports: Roller skating, cycling